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Changing lives one bite at the time

After fourth grocery delivery from a local chain, we realized we have been eating the same for four weeks. So we came up with a simple idea-tap a button, get different groceries every week. We founded Foodin in 2017 and began our journey towards helping people from all stratas of the society. Guided by research of neuroplasticity of the brain, benefits of cooking at home and fast paced lives, we have developed a personalized approach to a healthy nutrition. We focus on creating an efortless but extraordinary experience, where your mind and body will improve over time a push of a button. Starting from scratch we realized there is a huge disparity in nutrition between rich and poor. We believe that healthy nutrition and knowledge should be available for everyone.

People behind the app

We’re passionate about connecting people and food through technology. Our team is driven to create an efficient platform that will create opportunities for millions of people and improve the way a fresh grocery is delivered from a farm to your plate.

Mislav Stanić
Zvonimir Udovičić
iOS Developer
Filip Jurić
Backend Developer
Nikola Pević
Nico Poropat
Filip Pušec

Full fridge, perfect nutrition.

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